Tuesday, July 12, 2016


General Michael T. Flynn.

He rose to fame by claiming on Al Jazeera that the west created Islamic State.

But besides that, what has Flynn done?

If you read his piece entitled The military fired me for calling our enemies radical jihadis in The New York Post from 9th July (just 3 days ago), he may well have written Rebuilding America's Defenses himself!!

He basically thinks there is "an enemy alliance that runs from Pyongyang, North Korea, to Havana, Cuba, and Caracas, Venezuela. Along the way, the alliance picks up radical Muslim countries and organizations such as Iran, al Qaeda, the Taliban and Islamic State.", and that "So first of all, we need to demolish the terror armies, above all in the Middle East and Libya. We have the wherewithal, but lack the will. That has to change. It’s hard to imagine it happening with our current leaders, but the next president will have to do it."

So if Trump becomes POTUS and Flynn becomes either VP or Secretary for Defense or Foreign Policy Adviser, we will see Flynn demanding war, war, war.

Even though he apparently knows that we created, financed and supplied the Jihadis, and can therefore destroy them by simply turning that tap off, Flynn will be advising military action on this "enemy alliance".

Flynn has today published a book entitled The Field of Flight. His co-author is none other than neocon warmongering fraudster Michael Ledeen!

Here is how Amazon describes the book:
...The Field of Fight succinctly lays out why we have failed to stop terrorist groups from growing, and what we must do to stop them. The core message is that if you understand your enemies, it’s a lot easier to defeat them―but because our government has concealed the actions of terrorists like bin Laden and groups like ISIS, and the role of Iran in the rise of radical Islam, we don’t fully understand the enormity of the threat they pose against us.

Holy shit!

Flynn and Ledeen openly accuse Iran of fuelling the rise of radical Islam.

This is straight out of the PNAC text book, and is the same line of thinking of Trump.

So it is no surprise to me that blood-drinking neo-Confederate General Alex Jones, whose family is riddled with CIA (who I think were involved with the CIA-run death squads in Central America) is excited about Flynn.

Flynn detests Iran, sympathises with Saudi Arabia and other Sunni states, but more importantly he supports Israel.

On 10th June last year, Flynn gave testimony on Iran to the Joint Foreign Affairs and HASC Subcommittees, and said:
Not only do these impact our security at home, but they also impact our allies and friends in the region, most important, the State of Israel—Israel lives under the threat of total annihilation from Iran and other Islamic radical elements in the region—something the United States must never allow, nor should we deal equally with those who spew this type of hatred and bigotry (we would not stand for it here in this country and we should not stand for it elsewhere in the world where our closest friends are at risk).

But we know it is Israel, USA and Saudi Arabia who did 9/11 and have been driving the wars and causing all the chaos, death and destruction ever since!

It's right there.

As I proposed a few days ago: Trump is the chosen one and will start war on Iran and finish off what 9/11 was done for. Trump will give the Pentagon a $1 trillion per year budget, rip up the P5+1 deal with Iran totally destabilise the region and start war on Iran. He's a product of that extreme rightist Globalist faction.

Flynn would be just another piece of the jigsaw puzzle being put into place.

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