Monday, July 11, 2016


Rupert Murdoch pushed UKIP in order to force the EU referendum, which resulted in his desire, Brexit.

He now wants to get a move on before any resistance to Brexit can be organised into an effective opposition to delay or even stop that Brexit that he (and Liz?) want.

Is it just 'coincidence' that it was a reporter from The Times (which Murdoch controls) who interviewed Leadsom, and the juiciest and most controversial comments from that interview have been repeated over the weekend?

Today, Leadsom has withdrawn from the contest for the leadership of the Scary Party. She her reason for doing so was to enable the Scaries to unite quickly behind a new leader, but to also allow the new leader and PM to begin negotiations over Brexit asap.

If she had not withdrawn then for the rest of the summer the remainers could have effectively organised a campaign to either delay or block Brexit.

To me it is just more than coincidental that Leadsom has withdrawn following controversial comments of hers from an interview with Murdoch's The Times were repeated ad nauseum in all media.

If Murdoch wanted a quick Brexit without any opposition then he is now going to get it.

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