Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Makes sense.

He described Netanyahu, the man who killed 520 children in Gaza in 2014, as "a great guy".

Trump's campaign in Israel will be run by this classic Zionist:
Tzvika Brot, the newly appointed director of the Republican Party campaign team in Israel, is a former journalist with close ties to the right-wing Likud party. After taking unpaid leave a few years ago from the mass-circulation Yedioth Ahronoth, where he served as Knesset correspondent, Brot was approached by senior Likud officials urging him to run as their representative for mayor of Bat Yam, located just south of Tel Aviv. Brot declined to run for mayor but did try, without success, to get elected to the city council as a representative of Likud.

Less than a year ago, Benjamin Netanyahu offered him the prestigious job of director of communications in the Prime Minister’s Office. Brot turned him down as well, preferring to continue working as an independent political strategist.

Brot, who was a well-respected journalist and worked for Army Radio before joining Yedioth Ahronoth, was hired to run the campaign about a month ago by Republican Party activists in Israel.

Since his appointment, Brot has already opened three offices for the Trump campaign – in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Modi’in. In the next week or two, he said, a fourth office would be officially opened in the West Bank settlement of Ginot Shomron.

[source : The political ties of the Trump campaign team in Israel, Haaretz,, 29th August 2016]

Army Radio?

You mean he is Israeli Military Intelligence?

Just like Yaron Brook wjo runs the Ayn Rand Institute?

What a coincidence!

And where is Desperate Drumpf going to open an office to promote his campaign?

In the illegal settlement of Ginot Shomron.

As I said.

Makes sense.

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