Monday, August 22, 2016


This article on Trump's connections to the establishment just scratches the surface of Donald Trump. In reality, Drumpf is the product of the Zionist/CIA/FBI/mob network that assassinates Presidents and procures children for the CIA to abuse.

There is no doubt that his straight-talking style has resonated with many Americans who are tired of career politicians more concerned with political correctness than confronting real issues. Many Americans are also encouraged by some of Trump’s stances on certain issues – including his comments on improving relations with Russia, and his seeming opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – yet his constant flip-flopping on issues makes it impossible to decipher what his actual policies will be if elected.

Trump’s chances are emboldened by the fact that his major competitor in the race is so hated by every thinking person in the world, that many Americans may support Trump purely as the lesser of two evils. With Hillary at the helm, the American people know exactly what they are going to get: more war, more corruption and more policies that will only benefit special interests.

[source : Donald Trump, The Anti-Establishment Candidate? Connections to Wall Street, Blackwater and the CFR, Couonterpunch,, 19th August 2016]

The article then addresses some very curious and revealing connections between Trump and the establishment before ending:
It is clear that Clinton is the pick of the establishment, which explains the largely negative coverage of Trump in the mainstream media. But considering the nature of the advisers surrounding Trump, the establishment has pulled its usual trick of ensuring that it controls both major candidates in the presidential race.

This would explain why Rupert Murdoch is promoting and defending Trump on Fox News and The New York Post while at the same time attacking Clinton.

You see, they have to maintain some kind of illusion that we have a choice.

As quoted above, we know what we'd get with Clinton.

But while the likes of Infowhores try to portray Trump as the patriotic saviour of the universe, here is the real Trump they will not expose:
1. despite claiming to be the great patriot and ranting against trade deals with China and Mexico, he and his daughter Ivanka have an extensive supply chain that spans the globe, including China and Mexico, that uses cheap sweatshop labour to manufacture their clothing and accessories, and Ivanka's supply chain is overwhelmingly based in China;
2. Don is as mobbed up as you can be without being 'made', with his "greatest friend" Roy Cohn as the consiglieri for the New York Mafia while he was also at the satanic intersection of the sleaziest factions in the CIA and FBI and implicated in the assassinations of JFK and his brother RFK, and Don's number one ally while he grew his casino operations in Atlantic City was Nicky Scarfo from the bloodiest crime family in the USA;
3. Roy Cohn admitted to procuring children for the CIA to abuse, both for a satanic cult run by the CIA and for a paedophile entrapment ring, and Cohn also covered up the murders of three boys;
4. Cohn sat on the board of Permindex, which was a British/Zionist assassination bureau implicated in several high profile international assassinations, including that of JFK. Permindex became Intertel, which was bought by CIA/mob money-laundering front Resorts International, which was bought in 1987 Donald J. Trump (they call it "keeping it in the family");
5. Trump's former aide Roger Stone got W into the White House to enable the PNAC wars, and brought us all global austerity by scuttling Eliot Spitzer's investigation into the corrupt practices of Wall Street;
6. Trump lies about his opposition to the wars on Iraq and Libya, and proclaims that nobody loves Israel more than him, which is ominous because he thinks the US military is weak and wants to empower it even further, and then he wants to use that more powerful US military to go to war for Israel in Syria, and also rip up the P5+1 deal with Iran and possibly go to war on Iran too;

If Bernie Sanders had this background then Infowhores would make a one hour documentary out of it and distribute it for free.

So why are Infowhores keeping this background of Trump secret? I thought they wanted people to know "the truth", not just extreme Rightist Globalist propaganda? Or is it because Infowhores is owned and run by a man who has attended "bad blood-drinking rituals of the dark side", who has a family half of whom are CIA, and who are descended from men who were colonels and generals in the Confederate Army defending the right to keep, beat and rape slaves?

I apologise if I am very sceptical of Trump. I can't see that there is anything to get excited about with a mobbed-up, warmongering, lying hypocrite in The White House.

Which is why I say : neither Clinton nor Trump.

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