Saturday, August 13, 2016


Again, you could not make this stuff up!

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has once again claimed that both President Obama and Hillary Clinton “founded ISIS” – a charge which first stirred controversy earlier in the summer when Trump tweeted an article stating that the administration had joined Gulf allies in supporting al-Qaida in Syria.

But Trump’s own top foreign policy adviser, Joseph Schmitz, teamed up with a Saudi prince in a bizarre and illegal private initiative to arm rebels in Syria in 2013.

...But Schmitz himself was getting in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood. Ironically, at the very time in 2013 that Schmitz initiated his plan to arm FSA militants, a man named Ghassan Hitto took over leadership of the Syrian National Coalition (the opposition political bloc representing the FSA). Hitto was widely reported to be “the Muslim Brotherhood’s man” in Syria.

Schmitz continued to boast about his initiative to arm militants in Syria even after Gen. Idris fell under suspicion for having allowed a large warehouse of western-supplied military equipment to fall into the hands of the al-Qaida affiliated Islamic Front (Idris had pledged support to the Islamic Front just prior to the group’s takeover of the supplies).

The Canary reached out to Joseph Schmitz for comment on this story but its questions went unanswered.

As Trump continues to rail against perceived secret support of the Muslim Brotherhood and supposed jihadist sympathisers within American political ranks, he should look no further than his own foreign policy adviser.

[source : Trump aide teamed up with Saudi prince to arm al-Qaida affiliated groups in Syria, The Canary,, 12th August 2016]

Which is why I say : neither Clinton nor Trump.

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