Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Donald J Trump has ranted against free trade globalism and bad trade deals that he says rip off America. He names China as the number one enemy in this assault on America. He has also lambasted Mexico as the source of all evils in America, labelling all Mexican immigrants as drug dealers and rapists.

But we know that he uses cheap foreign sweatshop labour to manufacture his clothing and accessories. Sweatshop factories which he has admitted have very few employment rights. In China. In Mexico. In Vietnam. In Bangladesh. In Honduras.

And his daughter Ivanka is even more picky. Her clothing and accessories are manufactured overwhelmingly in China. But where in China she and Donald will not say.

So if free trade globalism is bad, as Donald has claimed, and he claims he is such a patriot, then why have he and Ivanka used cheap sweatshop foreign labour when they could very easily find several manufacturers in New York alone?

Can nobody in America make a shirt?

Or perhaps the fact that as soon as his campaign started to pay for the rent of his campaign office in Trump Towers he jacked up that rent by 500% give us a clue?

Trump is a greedy international capitalist.

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