Monday, August 22, 2016


Fox News doing its job of promoting Drumpf while attacking Clinton:

But what did Donald call for during the case of the Central Park Five?

The what five?

The Central Park Five were five teenagers of African-American and Hispanic descent who were accused of voilently raping Trisha Meili while she was our jogging in Central Park, New York. Even before the five boys faced trial Trump had convicted them and took out signed full page ads calling for the boys to be executed.

But guess what?



They were found guilty at trial due to confessions beaten out of them, but in 2002 Matias Reyes confessed to the crime and DNA evidence confirmed his confession.

So why did Trump rush to judgement?

“He has this penchant for what you might call otherising,” said Michael D’Antonio, the author of Never Enough, a recently published Trump biography.

“I think he knew what he was doing by taking a side, and I think he knew he was aligning himself with law and order, especially white law and order. I don’t think that he was consciously saying ‘I’d like to whip up racial animosity’, but his impulse is to run into conflict and controversy rather than try to help people understand what might be going on in a reasoned way.”

Two years before the Central Park case, Trump had briefly considered a run for president that most dismissed as a naked attempt to drum up publicity for his book The Art of the Deal, released later that year.

[source : Donald Trump and the Central Park Five: the racially charged rise of a demagogue, The Guardian,, 17th February 2016]

Which is why I say: neither Clinton nor Trump.

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