Monday, August 29, 2016


The Battle of Twitter 2016.

Dodgy Roger Stone (the man who got W into the White House to enable the PNAC wars, and the man who brought us global austerity by scuttling Eliot Spitzer's investigation into Wall Street) calls H & W Clinton racists.

But H Clinton simply points to the NY Times investigation into the investigation into Trump's 'C' code for coloureds who were then discriminated against.

I would also add that Trump called for the execution of five Afro-American and Hispanic teenagers, known as The Central Park Five, in signed full page ads even before the kide had started their trial! They were found guilty from confessions beaten out of them, but not executed. The true culprit confessed years later, which was backed up by DNA evidence.

And here is that ostentatious goon Dodgy Roger Stone again, this time calling Tricky Dicky Nixon a 'peacemaker'!

Nixon was POTUS from January 1969 until August 1974. Throughout that period Nixon bombed the shit out of Vietnam. He also bombed the shit out of Cambodia, which led to the rise of the Khmer Rouge and the subsequent deaths of millions of Cambodians.

Millions of dead Vietnamese.

Millions of dead Cambodians.

That is what Dodgy Roger Stone calls 'peace'.

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