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If Trump is sooooooo anti-establishment then why is Fox News defending him?

Let's go through this extreme Rightist Globalist coup.

Roy Cohn procured children for the CIA to abuse.

Cohn was best friends with David Schine.

Cohn detested the Kennedys.

Cohn sat on the board of Permindex which assassinated JFK and tried to assassinated de Gaulle.

JFK's brother Robert was shot dead (not by Sirhan Sirhan) in a hotel owned by the father of Roy Cohn's best mate David Schine.

Cohn was also best mates with J Edgar Hoover and was a conduit of sleaze from Hoover to the press whenever Hoover wanted to destroy someone.

Cohn became the consiglieri for the New York Mafia (recall The Godfather).

(So here we find Roy Cohn at the intersection of the CIA, FBI and the mob.)

Cohn became Trump's lawyer, fixer and "greatest friend".

Cohn brokered an agreement in the White House with Ronald Reagan present between Rupert Murdoch and the CIA for Murdoch to be given access to broadcast American TV so that Murdoch could spread CIA propaganda supporting the CIA's death squads in Latin America.

Permindex was a British/Zionist assassination bureau, and eventually became Intertel, which was bought by CIA/mob moneylaundering outfit Resorts International, which was bought in 1987 by...Donald Trump (they call it keeping it in the family).

Another great friend of Trump is/was Roger Stone, whose heroes are the aforementioned child procurer for the CIA Roy Cohn, Nazi King Edward VIII, and Richard Nixon, who saved Israel, and escalated the Vietnam war with his madman theory and bombing Cambodia which allowed Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge to come to power.

Murdoch financed William Kristol and his Weekly Standard.

Kristol co-founded The Project for a New American Century, whose first act was to write to then POTUS Bill Clinton to demand war on Iraq (which Clinton refused). PNAC was packed with extreme Zionists with connections to the authors of A Clean Break which demanded that Israel sort out Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and Syria (I ask: what has happened since 9/11?)

In September 2000 PNAC published Rebuilding America's Defenses which demanded that the USA assert its hegemony by basically declaring war on the world, but in particular on Iraq and Iran, but recognising the need for a "new Pearl Harbor" to provoke ordinary Americans to get behind PNAC and declare war on the world.

During the US presidential election in 2000, it was going to be close but on the day Al Gore was expected to win the crucial state of Florida. But suddenly the young Fox News (started by Murdoch in 1996) called Florida for George W Bush without any evidence. A recount was ordered but was stopped due to the Brooks Brothers Riot which was organised by Roger Stone. Thus Fox News stole the election and through Stone got the not-so-bright W in to the White House where he was surrounded and manipulated by senior members of PNAC.

On September 11th 2001 (9/11) PNAC got their "new Pearl Harbor" when alleged hijacked passenger planes were somehow able to fly around the most protected airspace in the world for nearly 2 hours to eventually fly into the WTC and even the freakin' Pentagon.

Shortly after 9/11 General Wesley Clark was told of a plan for the USA to go to war on seven nations in five years: Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and Syria (proposed in A Clean Break), but also Libya, Sudan and Somalia.

As reported by PJW (you know what the letters stand for), Murdoch's media empire then began to push for war on Iraq.

In 2003, despite much opposition, the USA went to war on Iraq (for Israel).

Roy Cohn and Rupert Murdoch began their friendship because they both loved Israel.

In 2006 Israel started a war on Lebanon.

By 2007 the plan was moribund so a Plan B was agreed between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia that the latter would unleash the worst international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

NB this was agreed when George W Bush was still President.

To give these Jihadis cover as 'freedom fighters' The Arab Spring was engineered by the US State Dept.

Also in 2007 Roger Stone scuttled Eliot Spitzer's investigation into corrupt Wall Street practices, which allowed the financial crisis of 2007/8 to occur, an event which we still affects us today through global austerity.

In 2009 former French foreign minister Roland Dumas was asked by British security officials to organise pipelines to smuggle Jihadis into Syria.

These Jihadis were first unleashed onto Libya and supported by NATO in the air and by British Special Forces on the ground.

Gaddafi was cooperating with the CIA and MI6 by giving them names of al Qaeda types in Libya.

But the CIA and MI6 then used that list of Jihadis from Gaddafi to build and support an anti-Gaddafi Jihadi movement in Libya which was then used to kill Gaddafi, i.e. the NATO-supported 'rebels' in Libya were actually al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

After Killing Gaddafi the Jihadis were smuggled into Syria, where they have been killing Syrian civilians and Syrian Arab Army soldiers for over 5 years now.

It was proposed in a 2012 DEA report that Assad could be isolated by allowing the rise of a Salafist entity in Syria. That entity we know as Islamic State, and has been allowed to grow by NATO, Zionist and Gulf state intelligence agencies to allow potential Jihadis to travel to Syria, generally through Turkey. Supplies bound for Islamic State have been found on American and British planes. and on convoys of trucks from Turkey.

In 2015 Donald Trump stated that nobody loves Israel more than him, and at the AIPAC conference in 2016 Trump basically did something pornographic and declared his love for Israel to the wild cheers of rabid Zionists.

Trump thinks the US military is weak and wants to make it even more powerful, and then use it to threaten Iran and the Palestinians.

And who is supporting and defending Trump?

Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News, the same Fox News that PJW reported broadcasts establishment propaganda.

Clinton is the Leftist Globalist candidate

Trump is the Rightist Globalist candidate.

Which is why I say : neither Clinton nor Trump.

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