Monday, August 22, 2016


Absolute comedy gold!!!

Here is The Joker ranting about factories closing in 'Murica because of free trade shipping jobs overseas.

But as we all know (all except the let down readers of Inofwhores), Donald and his daughter Ivanka have an extensive supply chain that spans the globe. The Joker uses cheap sweatshop labour in the two nations he apparently detests the most, China and Mexico, but also in Vietnam, Bangladesh and Honduras. And as for Ivanka? Her supply chain is overwhelmingly in China!!

And just like The Joker refuses to release his tax returns, the Trumps refuse to release details of their supply chains.

You gotta read this, laugh, chortle and guffaw, and then thank the Lord Almighty for cheering up your day through The Joker.

Every world needs its joker.

Donald Trump is our joker.

Thankyou, dear Lord.

Just about every single Donald Trump stump speech has the same moment.

The mogul pauses, pulls a folded sheet of paper from his jacket pocket, and reads off a list of factory closures printed on it. The factories are all in the general vicinity of the rally—well, for the most part—and Trump uses their closures as evidence of a central theme of his campaign: that free trade is sending all our jobs to China or Mexico.

Just one hiccup: In some cases, the factories Trump names haven’t actually closed. And in other cases, companies that closed plants subsequently opened plants in other parts of the United States.

In one situation, a company Trump called out as an outsourcer actually manufactures products in the U.S. that are then exported to China. Now, Trump’s general idea—that manufacturing in the U.S. is having a tough go of it—is correct. But the evidence he uses to push that narrative is often sloppy, incomplete, or just plain wrong.

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