Wednesday, August 31, 2016


The Joker has come out with a cracker!!

Speaking at a rally in Everett, Wash., Trump blasted Hillary Clinton and her party for taking black voters for granted.

“Remember … the Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln. Not bad,” Trump said. “It’s also the party of freedom equality and opportunity — people have forgotten it so long now.”

“It is the Democratic Party that is the party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow and the party of opposition.”

But who was the driver and intellectual force behind the Democratic Party?


That backstabbing, slaveholding traitor, and idol of Infowhores: President Andrew Jackson!!

Jackson was one of the largest slaveholders not just in Tennessee but in the USA in general. At one point he 'owned' 300 slaves across his several plantations, and drove the five civilised tribes off their ancestral lands, that they had occpuied for thousands of years,, and sold those lands to planters to work the land with their slaves. This led to the Confederate States of America. And Jackson loved slavery that much that he organised a raid on Negro Fort, an old fort in Spanish Florida where fugitive slaves had found safety and lived in peace with another race persecuted by white settlers, the Seminoles. Jackson intended to recapture those fugitive slaves and return them to their 'rightful owners', or sell those unclaimed, but during the raid the commanding officer fired a cannonball into the fort's arsenal which blew the fort to pieces, killing the nearly 300 occupants, including women and children.

But a few months ago Andrew Jackson was removed from the $20 bill and replaced by Harriet Tubman. Trump opposed the move, calling it "pure political correctness".

I called Trump a joker.

He has today proved it.

He hasn't got a clue.

Just like he thinks Iran is the troublemaker in the Middle East when we all know for a fact that Israel and Saudi Arabia are the warmongers.

Very dangerous.

Which is why I say: neither Clinton nor Trump.

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