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On 2nd May 1983, The B'nai B'rith Banking and Finance Lodge held its annual State of Israel Bond dinner. The dinner that year was held in honour of, and in tribute to, Roy Cohn. The lodge wrote of Cohn:
B'nai B'rith Banking and finance lodge takes special pride in according this well-deserved public tribute to Roy M. Cohn at its annual State of Israel Bond dinner. In public life, he has been a tenacious champion of Israel's right to exist in peace and security and of American economic political support for the beleaguered Jewish nation. And in private life, he has demonstrated an equally deep-rooted commitment of puspose on behalf of his fellow man that magnificently reflects the humanitarian idelas which have sustained B'nai B'rith over the past 140 years.

...In addition, he has been honoured for his efforts on their behalf by the Jewish National Fund and Federation of Jewish Philanthropies,..., is a longtime member of Banking and Finance Lodge of B'nai B'rith - continuing a tradition established by his father, Justice Albert Cohn, who was president of the organization's New York-New England district.

...B'nai B'rith Banking and Finance Lodge is delighted to extend this heartfelt salute to so esteemed a member as Roy M. Cohn. And it calls upon his many friends and colleagues to join in honoring him in a manner he is certain to find most meaningful by reaffirming their own commitment, through Israel Bonds, to fortify Israel's economic defenses.

And yes, that is the same Roy Cohn who procured children for the CIA to abuse.

Honorary Chairmen of the Lodge's Dinner were Rupert Murdoch and Donald J Trump.

Even President Ronald Reagan sent a telegram to the dinner to be read out.

Earlier that year Roy Cohn had persuaded Murdoch to finance an illegal CIA domestic campaign to promote Reagan's death squads in Latin America to the American people.

The dinner was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York (which was Trump's first major project for which Cohn arranged a 40 year $400 million tax break from New York City).

For further details, see here .

Here is what EIR said about B'nai B'rith:
The B'nai B'rith was officially founded in October 1843, as part of theRothschild and British monarchy effort to establish what is today known as the Zionist movement. Founders of the B'nai B'rith, the Order of the Sons of the Covenant, in the U.S. were members of the financial heirarchy of the Rothschild circles, including the Seligmans and Dr. Kuttner Baruch from Charleston, S. C. , the father of British agent Bernard Baruch. The elder Baruch was later responsible, along with Judah Benjamin, for setting up and financing the Ku Klux Klan. The B'nai B'rith was ostensibly organized so that the Jews could have their own Freemason organization. But its real purpose was to provide the basis from which to finance the subversion of the U.S., and use the U.S. as a base for deploying these networks internationally to protect the Rothschild interests. There were over 44 Jewish organizations in the U.S. along which provided the Rothschilds their service.

[source : The Rothschild Roots of the Ku Klux Klan, EIR, Volume 5, Number 39, October 10, 1978

Recall that Bernard Baruch gave Roy Cohn a character reference when Cohn was being prosecuted for perjury and obstruction of justice.

So this is where Trump gets his Zionism...and possible hatred of anything Arab/Muslim. And it explains why it always seems to be pro-Zionists who support Trump.

If Cohn was FBI and CIA, do you honestly think that he wouldn't be Mossad too, with all this pro-Israel work?

And if so, then what does this suggest about Trump, bearing in mind his anti-Iran rhetoric and that video shown at a rally in Jerusalem a few days ago in which Trump singled out Iran for special treatment?

I have been warning that Trump is PNAC 2.0

This dinner in tribute of Cohn, and that video, supports that.

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