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Infowhores are behind him because Trump is claiming that he was an insider but no longer is. But Infobores do not entirely trust or believe Trump, and it is hope rather than evidence that generates their support for Trump.

The corruption and adventures of the Clinton's is already well known.

So should you vote for Trump because Hillary Clinton could get into The White House?

Or does Trump offer something worth voting for other than he is opposing Clinton?

Infosnores are doing their best to portray Trump as our saviour from Satan.

But who is Trump? Why are Infowars so enthusiastic about Trump?

Perhaps if they had done some research on Trump they would not be so enthusiastic about him having the nuclear codes.

Trump is the product of the extreme Rightist Zionist/CIA/FBI/mob network that assassinates Presidents, procures children for the CIA to abuse, and tries to kill anti-NWO researchers like Lyndon LaRouche for Henry Kissinger.

Trump's mentor and "greatest friend" was Roy Cohn. They first met when Donald Trump sought Cohn's help after the Trumps were prosecuted for racial discrimination. Cohn was by then the lawyer for the New York Mafia. The two became very close. Cohn was also the lawyer for Studio 54, and would hold cocaine-fuelled orgies in the basement which Trump attended. Trump later wrote that he would regularly watch supermodels being fucked at these parties. Cohn knew everybody and could 'fix' it for Donald.

It was Cohn who sat on the board of Permindex which provided the logistics for the assassins of President John F Kennedy. Curiously, Cohn was also best friends with David Schine, whose father owned the Ambassador Hotel where Robert Kennedy was assassinated (not by Sirhan Sirhan). Cohn detested the Kennedys. It was Cohn who procured children for the CIA to abuse after they had arranged a job for him at the Saxe, Bacon and Bolan law firm in New York. And it was Roy Cohn to whom Henry Kissinger turned to destroy one way or another Lyndon LaRouche.

It was Cohn who arranged the 40 year, $400 million tax break for Trump to renovate the Grand Hyatt Hotel, which was Trump's first major solo project.

Trump had a reputation for liking the ladies. He bragged about his claimed sexual conquests, but those alleged conquests denied them. As soon as Trump was bored with one wife he began an affair with another woman. Trump held underage sex parties where cocaine and booze were available for sleazy, rich men to have sex with underage girls seeking careers in modelling. Trump, like Bill Clinton, was good friends with Jeffrey Epstein, and would attend Epstein's famous 'parties' in New York.

Through Cohn, Trump established links with the mob. Some Trump apologists claim that this was unavoidable. But in 1987 Trump bought the CIA/mob moneylaudering front Resorts International and renamed it Trump Taj Mahal. This casino was fined twice for...MONEYLAUNDERING!! Last year Trump Taj Mahal was fined $10 million for "willful, significant and longstanding violations" of anti-money laundering legislation, thus putting the security of the USA at risk (while he accuses Hillary Clinton of doing the same over her email arrangements).

And as Trump years ago suggested would happen, many women are now coming forward with claims that he groped them, forced himself on them, or was just pestering them for sex, even though he was allegedly happily married. This fits with his history of liking the ladies: to watching supermodels being fucked in the basement of Studio 54; to holding underage sex-and-cocaine parties; to being good friends with Jeffrey Epstein. And of course, there is the pussygrabbing quote, and his obvious attraction to his own daughter Ivanka, who Trump says has the greatest body, and who he would date if he wasn't her father. He even allowed Howard Stern to call Ivanka a voluptuous piece of ass!

And Trump claims to be that smart that he avoided paying taxes for nearly 20 years. How did Trump manage this? He made a loss of nearly $1 billion in the mid 1990s. He claims that it was his idea to use this to claim tax relief, but his accountant at the time says it was his idea, not Trump's (I believe the accountant). And while Trump was not paying tax, ordinary Americans paid theirs, approximately $60 billion of which went to Israel!!

You could say, well that's all in the past. It's history. Forget about it.

But the same could be applied to the Clinton's.

So with a clean historical slate you should consider just the last few years.


So let's start with Libya.

Trump wanted war on Libya, demanding that the USA take the oil. He even made a video issuing that demand. It's still up there on Youtube. But it was Clinton who celebrated when NATO's 'freedom fighters', aka al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, murdered Gaddafi.

Trump rants against trade deals that Bill Clinton signed. But what have Trump and his daughter Ivanka done? They have used those very same trade deals to make a fortune, using cheap foreign sweatshop labour. Trump is fully aware of the sweatshop conditions in the foreign factories he uses. Ivanka's supply chain is overwhelmingly based in China, while Trump's clothing and accessories are made in cheap sweatshops in China, Mexico, Honduras, Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Trump loves Israel. Absolutely. Unconditionally. He was Honorary Chairman of a Rothschild Zionist B'nai B'rith organisation that honoured Roy Cohn for his work for Israel. Trump detests Iran. So Trump loves Israel and detests Iran. At AIPAC earlier this year Trump stated that his number one priority is to rip up that P5+1 deal with Iran. This would seriously destabilise the Middle East even further. Clinton is also anti-Iran. It is hard to tell who detests Iran the most, but I'd say Trump.

Trump seems to be neutral towards Saudi Arabia, even though Saudi Arabia is behind Islamic State. He would actually pay Saudi Arabia to invade Syria!! Clinton knows that Saudi Arabia are behind Islamic State, yet takes money from them.

Yet it is Israel and Saudi Arabia who are destabilising the Middle East due to the false flag terror attack 9/11. And Iran is the last target of the war plan initiated by 9/11, a plan drawn up by Zionists!!

So on the issue of the Middle East, there is not that much between them.

But on Russia and Putin, Clinton and Trump appear to be different. Trump is more conciliatory towards Putin than Clinton is. Clinton, like the US establishment, is blaming Russia for everything. But it was NATO who ran the Nazis who ousted Yanukovich and destabilised Ukraine leading to civil war and MH17. And it was the Zionist/NATO/Gulf monarchies who unleashed international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria after they had run 9/11 to provoke calls for war in the Middle East. Trump is demanding that members of NATO pay their share rather than relying on the USA to foot the bill, but Trump has not said he would pull the USA out of NATO, only that he would hope to get along with Russia but he is taking nothing off the table. The same with China.

Which brings me to nuclear war.

Would you trust Trump with the nuclear codes? A number of officers whose task was to launch nuclear missiles when ordered to by the POTUS wrote a letter a few weeks ago in which they stated their grave concern about Trump's ability or lack thereof for diplomacy, etc before launching nukes. But saying that, Clinton seems to have some mental health issues too, with a number of people saying she has a lack of judgement.

Trump wants to build up the US military. Clinton doesn't.

Trump wants to deport millions of immigrants, starting on the first day. Clinton doesn't.

But neither want to take on Wall Street, break up the banks, stop the derivatives. In fact, Trump wants to empower the banks and hedge funds even more, while Clinton just takes their money.

So in my view, just because Clinton could get in doesn't mean you should vote for Trump.

Trump claims to have been an insider but he is no longer.

Can you believe him?

Can you trust the fella'?

It appears that, due to his absolute unconditional Zionism, Trump still believes in the fairytale of 9/11, that 19 Muslims did 9/11 without any help from any Israeli or Saudi or American intelligence.

This is very dangerous.

He is a Zionist. Absolutely. Unconditionally.

Which is why after interviewing both Clinton and Trump on the same Sunday a few weeks ago, Benjamin Netanyahu stated that it doesn't matter who wins because Israel will have a friend in the White House.

Only one international leader has spoken to both Clinton and Trump in private, and that is Netanyahu.

Trump called Netanyahu "a great guy" after Netanyahu had murdered 520 children in Gaza in 2014.

And that, for me, would lead me to not vote for Trump.

Because Zionism is a front for control of the USA by Great Britain.

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