Sunday, October 16, 2016


In his book The Man Who Killed Kennedy : The Case Against LBJ, Dodgy Roger Stone wrote:
In 1979, I signed on to run Ronald Reagan's campaign for President in New York, among other Northeastern states. I was given a card file that suposedly held Governor and Mrs. Reagan's "friends in New York" who might be solicited for help. Among themwas a card for Roy M. Cohn, Esq., with the law firm Saxe, Bacon and Bolan. I called Cohn's office to make an appointment.

...I was face to face with "Fat Tony" Salerno, at that time the boss of the Genovese Crime family. In October 1986, Fortune Magazine would call the seventy-five-year-old Salerno America's "top gangster in power, wealth, and influence." Salerno served as consigliore, underboss, and acting boss of the Genovese family.

"Roy says we are going with Reagan, and that's all right by me," said Tony. Salerno said he had eschewed presidential politics since 1960 when "Jack Kennedy took our money and our votes and then fucked us."

Here the implication is that Cohn had that much control over the New York Mafia that he was telling them how to vote, and that was for Reagan. Earlier I posted that Stone delivered a bung from Roy Cohn to buy the election for Reagan.

But what did Reagan do? He launched death squads in Latin America, killing tens of thousands in total.

And Dodgy Roger Stone enabled it all by delivering that bung from Roy Cohn.

20 years or so later Stone was at it again.

Cohn's mate Rupert Murdoch had created Fox News which on the night of the 2000 U S Presidential election called Florida for George W Bush when everyone had Florida down for Al Gore. Confusion followed and a recount of votes was ordered. But the recount was stopped by a riot called the Brooks Brothers Riot, which was organised by...Roger Stone. Anyway, this allowed W to enter the White House where he was surrounded by senior and founding members of PNAC, who on their desired 9/11 pushed W into launching the PNAC wars, which continue today in Syria. Hundreds of thousands have died in those wars. Roger Stone enabled it all.

A few years later and Stone was at it again, this time scuttling the investigation by Eliot Spitzer into the corrupt practices of Wall Street. Global austerity followed. Roger Stone enabled it all.

1. death squads;
2. wars;
3. global austerity.

Stone is now a regular feature on Infowars.

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