Friday, October 21, 2016


He's there again, look.

Ezra Levant has actually pinned a PJW tweet in which PJW attacks the mainstream media, while PJW ignores the Zionist Murdoch's Fox News and allied media. And yes, that's the same Fox News that Infowhores/Infobores have stated many times broadcasts NWO propaganda.

But why would Levant support PJW so much?

Indeed, why would the Neoconservative/Zionist/CIA Mockingbird media apparatus, such as David Horowitz's Truth revolt, promote PJW?

In 2014, just after Israel had shelled to death 4 children playing football on a beach in Gaza, PJW produced a brief video criticising Israel. But just a few days later Levant organised a rally in Calgary, Canada in support of Israel.

So what has changed?

How can these two once archenemies become such good friends that they appear on each others shows laughing and joking with each other, and pinning each others tweets?

Well, they are both Trumpers.

So could it be because Trump calls Benjamin Netanyahu "a great guy" after Netanyahu had murdered 520 defenceless, malnourished and destitute children in Gaza in 2014?

Could it be because Trump told top Zionist and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson that nobody loves Israel more than Trump, leading to Adelson telling the Republican Party to get behind Trump and Adelson saying that he would finance Trump with $100 million?

Could it be because Trump, like his financier Shledon Adelson, wants to rip up the P5+1 deal with Iran and then threaten Iran with an even stronger U S military? (Reminder: 9/11 was done to get Iran which PNAC named as the greatest threat to US national security.)

Could it be because PJW produced a video in which PJW states that, according to him, the problem isn't radical Islam, the problem is just Islam? That video prompted Horowitz's Truth Revolt to call PJW an "excellent commentator".

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