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I just entered a search for "alex jones confederacy" and this came up:
Rothbard Has The Last Word On The Confederate “False Flag” Issue

The last few paragraphs of a speech given by Murray Rothbard are quoted verbatim. The text of the speech is available here, and the speech is entitled Just War.

Rothbard states:
...My own view of war can be put simply: a just war exists when a people tries to ward off the threat of coercive domination by another people, or to overthrow an already-existing domination. A war is unjust, on the other hand, when a people try to impose domination on another people, or try to retain an already existing coercive rule over them.

And that to Rothbard there have only been two just wars:
To be specific, the two just wars in American history were the American Revolution, and the War for Southern Independence.

Now, why would Rothbard think that the War for Southern Independence was a just war?

Because to Rothbard the war was about Protestants imposing their morality to stamp out sin such as slavery to create a thousand-year Kingdom of God on Earth, which the Southern states resisted through exercising their legal right of secession.

Here is how Rothbard sanctifies the Confederacy:
In 1861, the Southern states, believing correctly that their cherished institutions were under grave threat and assault from the federal government, decided to exercise their natural, contractual, and constitutional right to withdraw, to "secede" from that Union.

What "cherished institutions" is Rothbard referring to?

Negro slavery, perhaps?

Rothbard refers several times to tariffs and taxes raised by Abraham Lincoln as the cause of the war. But all primary documents and personnel at that time state that the preservation of negro slavery was the cause of the war, and very few, if any, refer to tarrifs or taxes. I wold refer you to the ordinances of secession, as well as the Cornerstone Speech of Alexander Stephens, who was the Vice President of the Confederate States of America.

This is where Alex Jones got his notion that the US Civil War was about tariffs and taxes raised by Lincoln.

So does Jones has a motive to promote this thesis?


Jones' family are descended from colonels and generals who fought in the Confederate Army to preserve that "cherished institution" of negro slavery!! And I believe that Jones' uncle was named after Nathan Bedford Forrest, the founder of the Ku Klux Klan.

And here is where Infowhores went full Confederate, when the last sentence of the last paragraph reads:
In that spirit, I am sure that one day, aided and abetted by Northerners like myself in the glorious "copperhead" tradition, the South shall rise again.

The south was so dependent on slavery because of another of Jones' heroes: Andrew Jackson.

It was Jackson who, who as part of a British plot, destroyed the Second Bank of the United States, withdrawing federal funds from the bank and placing them in banks ill fit to handle federal funds, who created a credit bubble based on land speculation (see the works of Michael Kirsch).

It was Jackson who began the ethnic cleansing of the five civilized tribes, like the Cherokee (who Jackson stabbed in the back) from soon to be Confederate states like Georgia. The land the tribes had lived off for millenia was sold to planters who built plantations worked by slaves.

And it was Jackson who admitted the pro-slavery Republic of Texas into the Union.

But from Rothbard's own definition of a just war, the north was right to start war on the Confederacy...because what can be more dominating than slavery?

Read Rothbard's words again:
a just war exists when a people tries to ward off the threat of coercive domination by another people, or to overthrow an already-existing domination.

Surely, using Rothbard's own definition, the Union fought a just war in defeating negro slavery?

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