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Another member of the CIA-allied Mellon family was WILLIAM MELLON HITCHCOCK, Timothy Leary's "Godfather" and "the Daddy Warbucks of the Counterculture." In the early 60s, Billy Mellon-Hitchock almost singlehandedly bankrolled mass-production and distribution of LSD (which, hardly by coincidence, was at the time the subject of testing by the CIA's secret MK-ULTRA program) -- financing this effort through known CIA fronts like Castle Bank in the Bahamas [founded by Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt's onetime boss, Paul Helliwell, paymaster for the Bay of Pigs invasion], the Meyer Lansky syndicate's bank of choice for its money-laundering. Its special clientele also included Miami mob ally Bebe Rebozo, President Richard M. Nixon, Nixon campaign contributor and Golden Triangle heroin druglord Robert Vesco, the CIA's George Bush, and certain anti-Castro Cubans ...
--ibid., pp. 242-246; also Lyndon LaRouche's "Dope, Inc."

[source : VAST Right-Wing Conspiracy, http://www.umsl.edu/~thomaskp/mah7.htm, Accessed : 11th October 2016]

While William Hitchcock's intelligence role is not known to any degree of certainty except for the circumstantial evidence cited above, he certainly surrounded himself with spooks and mobsters and...Republicans. His deep involvement with Castle Bank and Trust is just one instance. A CIA front in the Bahamas run by former OSS China hand (and former boss of E. Howard Hunt) Paul Helliwell, it was used as a personal bank by Richard Nixon, George H. W. Bush and Robert Vesco, as well as by an assortment of Republican movers-and-shakers and the occasional drug-runner and Mafia don. Those who enjoy wallowing in Watergate will recall Castle Bank, but perhaps not realize that Billy Hitchcock was an important supporter of the institution.

His similar involvement with Resorts International, a spook-front and private Republican vault, is also well-known. The history of Resorts International has been brilliantly detailed in Jim Hougan's Spooks, and we will not go into any great detail here, but it is enough to say that Resorts is in the middle of not only the Watergate affair but also a vast array of intelligence operations that include anti-Castro Cubans, Mafia bagmen, illegal campaign contributions, and money-laundering. The Nixon and Rebozo involvements with Resorts is only the tip of a very old and very dirty iceberg, and Hitchcock has managed to stay quietly in the shadows of the infamous politicos.

[source : Sinister Forces—A Warm Gun: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft, by Peter Levenda

Trump's "greatest friend" Roy Cohn was given a job at a law firm by the CIA, and he eventually became the de facto liaison between the mob and the establishment while procuring children for the CIA to abuse. When Lyndon Larouche was becoming influential, the establishment sent hitmen out to Larouche's home to kill Larouche but he was out. So the establishment via Henry Kissinger unleashed Roy Cohn onto Larouche. Cohn smeared Larouche through Cohn's newspapers which provoked violence against Larouche and is network.

In 1987 none other than Donald J Trump bought the CIA/mob money-laundering front Resorts International, and changed its name to Trump Taj Mahal. While Trump tried to establish himself in New Jersey gambling, his main ally was Nicky Scarfo, who, according to Trump biographer Wayne Barrett, came from "the bloodiest crime family in the history of the United States".

Trump Taj Mahal was fined $477,700 by FinCEN in 1998 for money-laundering.

And last year Trump Taj Mahal was fined a whopping $10 million by FinCEN, again for moneylaundering.

What on earth can it all mean?

I'm going to have a good think about all this...

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