Monday, October 10, 2016


This is the truth.

This actually happened.

One Sunday morning in July 1997 I swear that someone was in my house. So I made sure the doors were locked and walked around the house to catch whoever it was, and eventually heard some noise in my bedroom. So I went into my bedroom to find nobody.

But the window was open and there was a smear of blood on the window frame (the frame had only those small windows at the top that opened). I assume that whoever it was had struggled to climb out of that window to escape and grazed themselves, and I heard only the very last few seconds of whoever it was struggling to climb out of the window.

The next day I went to work as usual, catching an early bus. On my way to the bus stop I walked around a corner into an area that was barely overlooked to find a white van with the doors open and two men standing looking as if they were waiting for something or someone. One of the men then started to walk towards me, but just as he was about to reach me a milkfloat came around the corner and stopped. The man walking towards me then stopped and turned around to walk quickly back towards the van. The two men then climbed into the van and quickly drove off without having picked up anyone or anything.

I continued to the bus stop to catch the bus to work. On the dual carriageway on the route to work I noticed that the bus was being followed by a car driven by the son of the man considered to be the local mobster. It seemed like the man driving the car was looking intently for someone on the bus I was on while the bus was moving at about 40mph and he was driving alongside dangerously and erratically.

That was July 1997...nearly 20 years ago.

I then began to be gang stalked: followed from town; cars being driven alongside when they could easily overtake with the occupants smirking; large shards of glass left on the doorstep; a large increase in the number of silent phone calls.

Before this I had been involved briefly with left wing politics, marching against the Iraq War in 1991, etc. And then in 1992 I first watched Oliver Stone's JFK. Between then and July 1997 I borrowed from the local library a number of 'conspiracy' books about JFK, UFOs and read several times one book on MI5 called Enemies of the State by Gary Murray, and another Unlawful Killing: The Murder of Hilda Murrell by Judith Cook. The sort of books to grab the attention of MI5, if my flirtation with left wing politics wasn't enough.

But it was just one year after this incident one Sunday in July 1997 that I started to get zapped. That zapping continued for years.

What people have to understand is that there is a deep, deep connection between the mob and the intelligence agencies. They are both on the extreme right wing of politics and work together to gather intelligence on people who do not conform. Roy Cohn was on the Advisory Board of Western Goals which interacted with local police forces to gather intelligence on 'Leftists'.

I started to write this last Friday lunchtime. That afternoon two calls were made to my mobile phone (which was switched off at the time). Both were scammers for driving accidents. I haven't received a scam call for months. Coincidence?

But the sad thing is that I believe that PJW is now interacting or has interacted with that same network.

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