Saturday, October 15, 2016


I would urge all peeping toms to watch the 1960 film Peeping Tom directed by Micheal Powell.

Scopophilia is the clinical name for 'peeping tom-ness'.

Anyway, the story is that as a child, Mark Lewis was used and abused as a child by his father, a powerful and famous psychiatrist. The father would terrorise Mark and film him for experiments in his own house. This obviously terrorised Mark and fractured his psyche. His father also bugged the whole house they were living in to record everything that his father did to him. Upon his father's death, Mark inherited the house (and all its bugs). To make a living Mark remained in the house as landlord and rented out rooms in the house. But fucked up by his father's abuse, Mark also killed people. During the murders, Mark filmed the murders to capture the essence of fear, just like his father tried on him. However, Mark falls for a tenant, and eventually after being hunted down by the police for several murders, and cornered by the police in his own house, Mark eventually films his own death, as he had originally planned.

No wonder the film was 'banned' for 20 years.

Grim. Groundbreaking.

And I would say poetic justice, that a peeping tom should commit suicide on camera.


Peeping toms.

Seek help.

It is out there.

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