Monday, October 31, 2016


Trump wanted war on Iraq in 2003. He claims now that he didn't. But he told Howard Stern just months before the war started that he supported the war. He began to criticise the running of the war (not the war itself) during its first week, and only began to oppose the war itself in 2004 when it was obvious that the war had been a disaster.

And after not learning from this mistake, Trump demanded war on Libya in 2011. Here is Trump issuing his demand that NATO bomb Gaddafi because Gaddafi was bombing NATO's Jihadi proxies known as al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb:

And he won't stop there.

Trump told AIPAC earlier this year that "My number-one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran...When I’m president, I will adopt a strategy that focuses on three things when it comes to Iran. First, we will stand up to Iran’s aggressive push to destabilize and dominate the region...Iran is a problem in Iraq, a problem in Syria, a problem in Lebanon, a problem in Yemen and will be a very, very major problem for Saudi Arabia...Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism around the world. And we will work to dismantle that reach, believe me, believe me."

But did Iran do 9/11, on which nearly 3000 died?


And did Iran kill 520 children in Gaza in 2014?


Israel and Saudi Arabia were key to 9/11: the Saudis provided and sheep-dipped the patsies; Israel ran the US government to remove any defences and launch the subsequent wars.

Iran is a victim of 9/11. As is Iraq. As is Libya. As is Syria. As is Lebanon.

Here is General Wesley Clark revealing the plan for war and regime change in seven countries in five years:

Note the countries named to Clark: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Somalia.

All enemies of Israel.

And all have experienced war and/or regime change since 9/11.

All, that is, except for Iran.

So where has Trump got this love for Israel?

1. His "greatest friend" and procurer of children for the CIA to abuse, Roy Cohn (Trump, along with Rupert Murdoch, was the Honorary Chairman for the Rothschild Zionist B'nai B'rith Lodge Dinner that honoured Cohn for Cohn's tireless work for Zionism and Israel);

2. And his daughter Ivanka. He luuuurvs Ivanka that much that, despite Trump ranting against bad trade deals with China, he allows his daughter to have her clothing made in cheap Chinese sweatshops!! And he is fully aware of the working conditions in China, and also in Mexico (where some of his clothing and accessories are made), because he says on his website about Trade:
4. Tell NAFTA partners that we intend to immediately renegotiate the terms of that agreement to get a better deal for our workers. If they don’t agree to a renegotiation, we will submit notice that the U.S. intends to withdraw from the deal. Eliminate Mexico’s one-side backdoor tariff through the VAT and end sweatshops in Mexico that undercut U.S. workers.

And the Pussygrabber-in-Chief wants to drastically and quickly expand the US military. And he will use it to threaten not just Iran but also the Palestinians.

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