Sunday, March 05, 2017


Please, please, please watch this all-American bullshit from pervert, CIA, neo-Confederate Alex Jones.

Once again, Jones says that Trump cares about the American people.

Yet for at least the last decade, both Trump and his daughter Ivanka, have used cheap foreign sweatshop labour, including China, to manufacture their products: shirts; ties; shoes; even teddy bears! In fact, Ivanka's supply chain is based overwhelmingly, if not 100%, in China!!

A true patriot would never, ever, ever outsource their manufacturing jobs to anywhere outside of the USA. And never to China!!

But the Trumps have.

So why have the Trumps been so treasonous?

Because the only thing they care about is money.


Money. Money. Money.

Oh, and Eretz Israel.

If President of the United States Donald J Trump really cares about the American people then let him publish his supply chain, past and present, and the reasons for developing such a supply chain.

And we are DEFINITLEY interested in Ivanka's all-Chinese supply chain.

And what steps are being taken to make it all American.

What was it Trump said at his inauguration? "Buy American. Hire American"?

We trust that the Trumps will now never hire another non-American nor buy anything that is nothing other than American.

Look. Trump has just handed the American finances and economy over to multi-billionaires/Wall Street/Skull and Bones/CFR, while also humiliating Jones by appointing Rick Perry and so many CFR.

Poor Alex. I'd feel sorry for him if he wasn't such a peeping tom perrrverrrt.

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