Saturday, March 11, 2017


Even Trump's team admitted yesterday that good weather was the major source of the jobs created since Trump was inaugurated.

Meanwhile Ivanka's supply chain is still based on cheap Communist Chinese sweatshop labour (and Infowhores love it!!).

...When not bringing in foreign workers, Trump shipped the manufacturing of his Trump-branded products overseas. And when not doing that, Trump built his buildings with Chinese — rather than American — steel.

...The quintessential example of Trump taking undeserved credit for a job announcement is with respect to the Carrier Corporation. In late November, Trump suggested he personally stopped Carrier’s offshoring of 1,400 jobs. The reality was more complicated: Trump had nothing to do with the deal, other than enlisting Mike Pence to help gift Carrier $7 million in tax cuts. Meanwhile, at least 600 of the 1,400 workers were still laid off. And Carrier has subsequently announced that some of the 800 “saved” will be replaced with automation.

All Trump did was broker a $7 million taxpayer-shouldered payout to a company with a history of taking taxpayer dollars then outsourcing jobs — a company that then continued to lay off workers and ship jobs overseas. If Trump thinks he got a bargain, it’s no wonder he went bankrupt six times.

...Donald Trump inherited a strong economy — far from the “mess” he claims — and it’s time to see what he can do other than stiff small business owners, outsource, bust unions, scam “novice investors," and set up Wall Street banks to prey on America's working families.

For starters, Trump needs to take responsibility for the over 34,137 jobs, according to our count, gone since he took the oath of office. And then he needs to come up with a real economic agenda that isn't rooted in empty rhetoric and enriches the wealthy at the expense of Americans working hard to get ahead.

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