Wednesday, March 08, 2017


They keep their mouths shut on Ivanka Trump's supply chain.

They play dumb.

If Bernie Sanders had a clothing business that was based overwhelmingly, if not 100%, in China, employing cheap Communist Chinese sweatshop labour to make shoes, suits, even teddy bears, would Infowhores remain dumb?

Or if Bernie Sanders had a "greatest friend" who procured children for the CIA to abuse, to collect blackmail material, and for CIA-sponsored satanist groups to abuse at their parties, would Infowhores remain dumb?

Or if Bernie Sanders bought a renowned CIA/Mossad/mob money laundering front, hung out with what has been called "the bloodiest crime family in the history of the United States", and gets fined TWICE for money laundering, would Infowhores remain dumb?


But because Trump, and his ultra-Zioinism, and his unleashing of Wall Street, and his focus on kicking immigrants out rather than arresting Kissinger/Rockefeller/CFR/Bilderberg traitors, and his building up the US military even more...

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