Friday, March 03, 2017


Trump fired Flynn when he didn't need to do.

Trump has surrounded himself with CFR/Bilderberg/Trilateral Commission/Skull and Bones/Goldman Sachs and is being advised by Henry Kissinger (for whom Trump has "tremendous respect").

Trump is fully supporting Israel, threatening Iran, supporting Saudi Arabia in Yemen, empowering NATO, sliding into an anti-Russia position, targeting China, and drastically increasing the military budget.

Trump is about to give the Establishment a massive, massive tax cut.

And Trump is diverting anger that should be focused on Wall Street and Israel onto immigrants.

But to neo-Confederate Jones:

What we need to know from Jones is what happened for Infowhores to stop criticising Israel and NATO/FBI/CIA/Mossad/MI6/MI5 for running Islamic terror and begin to blame "S'just Islam, innit."

And if, as veteran NYPD investigator Jim Rothstein alleges, Roger Stone helped deep, dark CIA agent Roy Cohn run Cohn's paedophile networks.

And who Trump was laundering money for at Resorts International/Trump Taj Mahal.

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