Monday, March 20, 2017


Mr New World Order is what Infowhores called Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich supported Trump very strongly last year, and on Murdoch's Fox News!

Anyway, Newt "Mr New World Order" Gingrich has compared Trump to Andrew Jackson.

An intensely American president?

Let's see.

Jackson was a traitor and connected to the British Intelligence network in America. Here is Jackson's first attempt at treason against America:
In 1804, Alexander Hamilton exposed Aaron Burr's treason plot to split New England from the Union, ruining his campaign for Governor of New York. Burr plotted to kill Hamilton, as attorney Martin Van Buren prepared the legal bail of William Van Ness, Burr's associate and intermediary in the duel with Hamilton, anticipating his arrest for the murder. Van Buren was incorporated into the Burr political machine, and regularly visited Burr, his political boss and mentor, at his home. When the New York coroner's jury ruled homicide in the killing of Hamilton, Burr and his aides, John Swartwout and William Van Ness, fled New York to avoid prosecution.

In his endeavors, both before and after the Hamilton murder, Burr was connected with the highest level of British army and espionage leaders, including British intelligence officer Charles Williamson to whom Burr communicated an offer of his services, passed on to British Ambassador Anthony Merry, who wrote to the Foreign Office:

I have just received an offer from Mr. Burr, the actual Vice-President of the United States ... to lend his assistance to his Majesty's government in any manner in which they may think fit to employ him, particularly in endeavoring to effect a separation of the western part of the United States from that which lies between the Atlantic and the mountains, in its whole extent. His proposition on this and other subjects will be fully detailed to your Lordship by Colonel Williamson.... If ... his Majesty's minister should think proper to listen to his offer ... his present situation in this country, where he is now cast off as much by the democratic as by the Federal party, and where he still preserves connections with some people of influence, added to his great ambition and spirit of revenge against the present Administration, may possibly induce him to exert the talents and activity which he possesses with fidelity to his employers (emphasis added).[6]

Another of Burr's aides was Edward Livingston, a former New York mayor, with whom he planned to seize Louisiana, and, with the British, to conquer Mexico.

In 1805 and 1806, Burr spent many weeks at Jackson's home in Nashville, Tenn., and began recruiting mercenaries. Jackson personally arranged 40 boats for the endeavor and recruited 75 men. The plan was exposed, and Burr was arrested in 1807, and put on trial for treason against the United States. Jackson himself was subpoenaed as a material witness and as an unindicted co-conspirator.

Congressman John Randolph of Roanoke, Va., was an ally of Burr and Jackson, and served as chairman of the grand jury shaping the charge against Burr. After the trial, Burr went into exile in England with his aide Samuel Swartwout, where he lived with British secret intelligence strategist Jeremy Bentham, the two becoming best friends.[7] Burr also strategized with the head of Britain's spy rings in America, Lord Castlereagh.

[source : Michael Kirsch, How Andrew Jackson Destroyed the United States, EIR,, 14th December 2012]

Burr returned to the USA in 1812, and began a project to elect Jackson as President of the United States using Jackson's exploits in the 1812 war.

As documented here many, many times:
1. Jackson loved slavery, and organised a raid on a fort where runaway slaves had found sanctuary in order to return those runaways to their 'rightful owners';
2. Jackson's life was saved by a Cherokee, which prompted Jackson to tell the Cherokee that they and the American people would be forever friends, but a few years later Jackson stabbed the Cherokee in the back and began the ethnic cleansing of the Cherokee and four other tribes in soon to be Confederate states to make way for planters to build large plantations to be worked by slaves, the planters later supporting the Confederacy;
3. Jackson illegally withdrew federal funds from the national bank and placed those funds in his pet banks, which were selected not for their banking expertise but for their cronyism for Jackson. Those banks used those funds to inflate a speculation bubble in land which Jackson burst with his Specie Circular which led to the 1837 panic;
4. by destroying the naional bank this way, the south could not and would not industrialise, and so was even more dependent on slavery;
5. Jackson gave the Rothschilds their big break by appointing them as official agents of the United States government in Europe.

So, yeah.

Intensely American?



Ethnic cleansing.



The Confederacy.

Let's see how many of these Trump ticks off over the next few years.

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