Sunday, March 19, 2017


Back and to the left.

Back and to the left.

Back and to the left.

I will never forget the first time I watched Oliver Stone's film JFK and the scene in which the Zapruder film is shown which shows JFK's head being pushed back and to the left upon the fatal head shot, which shows that that head shot was fired from the grassy knowl.

Back and to the left.

Back and to the left.

Back and to the left.

But why was JFK assassinated?

Stone's film pushes the theory that it was a conspiracy between a faction in the CIA and anti-Castro Cuban exiles who were convinced that JFK was a Commie son-of-a-bitch who had betrayed them at the Bay of Pigs.

But Stone omitted one crucial actor: the Zionist state of Israel.

Israel was, at that time, seeking a large weapons deal from the USA, including allowing the development of nuclear weapons.

JFK was against such a deal.

But Lyndon Baines Johnson was for it.

So guess what happened?


JFK got whacked, back and to the left, and Johnson took over. Israel got its weapons (and its nukes).

And who was the Executive Producer of the Stone's film, JFK?

None other than Arnon Milchan who at one time was the top Israeli nuclear spy in the USA!!!

The organisation that provided the logistics for the assassination was Permindex that was created by British Zionists. But more crucially, a board member of Permindex was one Roy Cohn.

Now, Donald Trump called Cohn his "greatest friend". Cohn was given a job at Saxe, Bacon and Bolan in New York by the CIA so that Cohn could become the de facto liaison between the CIA and the mob. Cohn ran paedophile networks for the CIA for two purposes: to collect blackmail material for the CIA (and possibly for himself); to supply children for CIA-sponsored satanist groups to abuse at their parties. And as I said, Trump called Cohn his "greatest friend".

In 1983 Trump, along with one Rupert Murdoch, was the Honorary Chairman of the B'nai B'rith Banking Lodge which honoured Cohn for his tireless work for Israel.

Which media was the one to support, defend and promote Trump last year? Yep. Murdoch's Fox News.

How did Aussie Murdoch get to break into American broadcasting? He financed an illegal CIA domestic campaign to promote Reagan's death squads in Latin America to the American people. Coincidentally (or not), Alex Jones' uncle could be associated with these same death squads in Guatemala.

Cohn was Trump's fixer. It was Cohn who arranged a 40 year tax break for Trump to renovate/refurbish the Grand Hyatt in New York.

Cohn died in 1986.

In 1987, and now with strong connections with the mob through Cohn, Trump bought the casino Resorts International (RI), and began to hang out with what has been called "the bloodiest crime family in the history of the United States", the Scarfos.

Resorts International was a derivative of Permindex, i.e. the CIA/Zionist/MI6/mob network that whacked JFK kept Permindex 'in the family' and just changed its name and location and operation.

RI was a front for laundering money for the CIA/Mossad/mob for anti-Castro operations.

But around 1990 Trump was in deep financial trouble with RI, and faced personal bankruptcy owing hundreds of millions of dollars. It was none other than the Rothschilds, through Trump's pick for Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who arranged for Trump to keep RI in any debt restructuring.

So why were the Rothschilds (the creaters of Israel) and Trump (who claims nobody loves Israel more than he does) so keen for Trump to keep RI?

Well, Trump renamed RI as Trump Taj Mahal (TTM).

In 1995 TTM was fined nearly $500k for money laundering.

And despite warnings in 2003, 2010 and 2012, in 2015 TTM was fined a whopping $10 million for willful, significant and long standing violations of anti-money laundering legislation which put the security of the United States at risk.

A strong Israel needs a strong America.

Israel needs weapons and financial aid from America to continue its ethnic cleansing Gaza and its annexation of the West Bank.

And Israel needs a strong America to take out and destroy its enemies: Iraq, Syria, Libya.

And Iran.

And guess whose aid is guaranteed under Trump's cuts?

Yep. Israel's.

So here we have a direct link through history from the assassination of JFK via Resorts International to the coming war on Iran via Trump.

But what we have to ask is, why are Infowhores and the FBI apparently not interested in who Trump was laundering money for?

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