Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Trump will today fly to Tennessee to visit The Hermitage and lay a wreath at the tomb of President Andrew Jackson.

Andrew Jackson may be giving way to Harriet Tubman on the face of the $20 bill, but the seventh president's image is on the ascent in the modern White House.

On his fifth day in office, President Donald Trump elevated a portrait of his distant predecessor to a place in the Oval Office. On Wednesday, Trump flies south to Nashville, Tennessee, where he will visit the Hermitage, Jackson's home, and lay a wreath at his tomb.

[source : Obama tried to take Andrew Jackson off the $20. Now Trump is visiting his grave., CNN Politics,, 14th March 2017]

Infowhores, like they do with Trump, project an image of Jackson as a hero and a saviour of the people.

But Jackson was a traitor and the Godather of the Confederacy.

After Aaron Burr had killed Alexander Hamilton (after Hamilton had exposed Burr's treason), Burr fled to Jackson's Hermitage and stayed there to plot more treason with Jackson. This plot was exposed, and Jackson and Burr avoided being found guilty because their mate was the foreman of the jury. Burr then fled to England to stay with the chief of British Intelligence Jeremy Bentham. After a few years with Bentham, Burr returned to the USA and began a project to promote Jackson as a future President, using Jackson's adventures during the 1812 war with the British at New Orleans.

Jackson was one of the most powerful slaveholders in the USA, at one time owning 300 slaves over several plantations. He would have his runaway slaves severely beaten on their capture. Indeed, one slave called Gilbert died during such a beating.

Jackson loved slavery that much that he organised a raid on a fort, called Negro Fort, in Spanish Florida where runaway slaves had found sanctuary with the Seminoles. The purpose of the raid was to recapture the runaways and return them to their 'rightful owners'. However, the officer commanding the raid fired a cannonball into the fort's arsenal and blew the fort to pieces, killing about 300 men, women and children in one shot.

Jackson began the process of the enthic cleansing of soon to be Confederate states with his Indian Removal Act, which eventually forced thousands of native Americans to relocate to what is now Oklahoma. Many died during the long journey. The ancestral lands of those native Americans were sold by the government to wealthy planters who constructed plantations to be worked by slaves. This led to the Southern economy depending even more on slavery rather than industry.

Jackson withdrew the federal funds from the Second Bank of the United States, and placed them in what are known as Jackson Pet Banks, which were selected not because of their banking expertise but for their loyalty and cronyism to Jackson. Those banks repaid Jackson by using the huge influx of federal funds as a base upon which a mountain of credit was issued which was used for land speculation. This led to a bubble which Jackson blew with his Specie Circular which led to the 1837 Panic. By destroying the Second Bank of the United States, Jackson made the South even more dependent on slavery, which sowed the seeds for the Confederacy.

And we can thank Jackson for helping to make the Rothschilds what they are when he gave them their first big job, which was agents of the United States government in Europe.

So, by visiting The Hermitage and laying a wreath at the tomb of Jackson, we will see the true Trump.

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