Saturday, June 17, 2017


In 2007/8 the UK government bailed out the City of London with £1 trillion. Yes, that was under Labour, but the Conservatives whined that the liberalisation of The City of London did not go far enough! Plus it was under Conservative Thatcher that the City of London was initially liberalised as Republican Reagan did the same for Wall Street.

It is a fair bet to say that most of the bankers in The City of London who contributed to that crisis in 2007/8 were white, male, Conservatives.

Bailing them out in that way has led to massive austerity and massive cuts in services: fire and emergency services; housing; social services, etc, etc, etc.

All have been decimated by the reckless greed of the white, male, Conservative-voting bankers of the City of London.

One man who enabled all this is regular Infopervs guest, Roger Stone. It was Stone who scuttled Eliot Spitzer's investigation into the corrupt practices of Wall Street which allowed the crisis to develop into the global crisis it became, and thus the global austerity we still suffer today, 10 years later.

Without the austerity and resulting budget-slashing the cladding on Grenfell Tower would probably have been of a higher quality, and installed correctly, and we would probably not be looking at 100 men, women and children burned alive.

And without regular Infopervs guest Roger Stone we would probably not have the austerity in the first place!

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