Friday, June 23, 2017


As Infopervs drift further and further to the right, attacking anyone to the left of them as Communists, they seem to be getting it that Trump has betrayed them but cannot face it. There are many more attacks on 'leftists' by them than defence of Trump.

And his latest pick shows why.

Trump has just picked another member of the CFR, Woody Johnson, this time to take perhaps the most important diplomatic post after Secretary of State: The Ambassador to the Court of Saint James.

This pick adds to the many members of Trump's Swamp.

Donald Trump will nominate National Football League team owner Woody Johnson as US ambassador to Britain, the White House has said.

Johnson, a billionaire investor and owner of the New York Jets, will require Senate confirmation to take up the diplomatic post.

His nomination does not come as a surprise. In January, Trump referred to Johnson as “ambassador” during remarks at a luncheon and said he was “going to St James”.

The Jets owner is a longstanding Republican who worked on Jeb Bush’s campaign for the party’s presidential nomination but switched to Trump’s a few months before last November’s election.

[source : Woody Johnson nominated as US ambassador to Britain, The Guardian,, 23rd June 2017]

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