Sunday, June 25, 2017


Fox News is part of the global media empire of Zionist Bilderberger Rupert Murdoch.

President Bomber J Trump claims to be an establishment outsider, yet Murdoch swung his vast media empire behind Trump, and the two met at Trump's golf course in Scotland last summer.

Newt Gingrich regularly appears on Fox, has recently published a book on Trump, and tweets support for Trump. His book shows just how close Trump and Gingrich are.

Infopervs nicknamed Gingrich "Mr New World Order".

Trump has labeled the mainstream media as "fake news", but the media he refers to does not include Fox News, and he regularly appears on Fox.

Several cartoons have been drawn which depict Trump and his supporters either attacking the msm or defending against the msm. Fox is never in those cartoons, but msm like CNN, CBS, etc are, which suggests that nobody thinks that Fox is msm.

Infopervs claim that the establishment/globalists/msm are attacking them.

If that is the case then why isn't Fox joining in?

If Trump and Infopervs are so anti-establishment then why is Fox not attacking Trump and Infopervs?

PS Infopervs have frequently criticised Murdoch and Fox of belonging to the establishment and propagating new world order propaganda, such as promoting paedophilia.

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