Sunday, June 11, 2017


Bomber Trump has tweeted this today:

The Dow Jones Index is up about 16% from the election date last year to today.

But why is it up so much?

If you check out which corporations make up the index you will find names like J P Morgan Chase, Chevron and Disney.

However, the shares in these and others in the index have either remained static or significantly decreased. For example, Chevron is down 10% since the beginning of the year, Exxon Mobil down 9%, J P Morgan Chase up by less than 1%.

So if corporations like these are performing like this then how can the Dow Jones Index be up 16%?

It is because of these corporations:

Apple - up 28%

McDonalds - up 24%

Boeing - up 22%

Visa - up 21%

I remember when Infopervs slagged off Apple for allowing the NSA to spy on you through their products.

McDonalds is just, well, just globalist.

And Boeing is a winner from the $350 billion weapons and defence deal that Bomber Trump just signed with the terrorist headchoppers and expect to get $50 billion out of it.

So is this reason to be cheerful?


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