Thursday, June 22, 2017


Sounds like Osborne was radicalised by some we know.

Tommy Robinson ranted about al Quds Day. And Muslims taking over is Watson's thing.

And if Muslims really were taking over don't you think The Queen, as head of the Church of England, would have something done about it?

But have you noticed that nobody is talking about the bankers any more? Remember them? The bankers? It is they who are ultimately responsible for the austerity that the ordinary man and woman still suffers today, 10 years after the global financial crisis of 2007/8 (which was enabled by regular Infopervs guest, Roger Stone, who also enabled the PNAC wars and is implicated in the CIA-paedophile rings run by his former lover and deep, dark CIA agent Roy Cohn).

"He was very motivated about the Muslim Al Quds Day rally going on on Sunday and London and kept saying: 'Our brothers and sisters are dying and someone needs to do something about it',” he told The Telegraph.

"He kept saying he would do something about it, but he kept going on about it, and was saying we need to 'stand up to Muslims' it is 'time we did something about them'.

"I did not like one bit of it so asked him to leave."

Another customer said Osborne repeatedly mentioned the rally by name, while claiming Muslims were “taking over”.

“Now I think about it maybe his plan was to target this march but then went to the mosque when that didn't work out,” he added.

[source : Finsbury Park attack: Suspect may have wanted to target pro-Palestinian rally in London, The Independent,, 22nd June 2017]

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