Wednesday, June 21, 2017


The current king is nearly on his death bed, and he then makes an unexpected move to change the heir to the throne, and that new heir held a meeting with Bomber Trump and both agree that Iran is a major threat?

And this on top of that sickening Saudi sword dance and $350 billion weapons and defence deal?

The fate of Saudi Arabia's former crown prince, Mohammed bin Nayef, may have been sealed in March after his rival met with President Trump at the White House for a formal lunch.

President Trump met with Mohammad bin Salman, the 31-year-old son of Saudi Arabia’s King Salman. It was considered an unusual move and the media speculated on its significance.

King Salman, who is 81, is reportedly in declining health and there was a power struggle between the two princes. Politico, in an article titled, “Trump Drawn into Saudi Game of Thrones,” wondered, at the time, if Trump crossed some political line during the meeting.

...It was not immediately clear what prompted the decision, but analysts see the royal family attempting to forge a solid relationship with Trump after rocky years with the Obama administration.

Saudi Arabia and the Obama administration did not see eye-to-eye on some major issues. The Iran nuclear deal was widely criticized in Riyadh.

Trump and Prince Mohammad bin Salman, during the meeting in March, reportedly touched on a series of topics and agreed that Iran is a major threat. After the meeting, a senior adviser to the prince said in a statement that the meeting was a “turning point in relations between both countries.”

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