Monday, June 26, 2017


Never, ever forget that.

It was the bankers in 2007/8 (aided by regular Infopervs guest Roger Stone) who wrecked the global economy and dumped their debts onto the ordinary man and woman in the street, who 10 years later are still paying off the banks' debts through asuterity.

Cuts here. Cuts there. Cuts everywhere!!

All that dangerous cladding on all those tower blocks. No sprinkler systems. Virtually no fire alarms. No or inadequate fire doors. It's all because we bailed out the banks with £1 trillion.

Just like that!

£1 trillion conjured out of nothing!!

But we, the ordinary man and woman on the street, are still paying for it.

And we don't even have a single banker in jail, no Glass-Steagall type legislation, and the banks still create money out of nothing.

Infopervs seem to have forgotten this and are now blaming everything on 'leftists' and 'leftism' (whatever that is), and "S'just Islam, innit".


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