Tuesday, June 13, 2017


As suggested here a few days ago, it looks like Sinn Fein are preparing to abandon their century-long policy of abstention and will instead take their seats to wreck the Parliament.

Note The Sun's title of their article.

SINN Fein’s seven MPs will fly into London today to take up their Commons offices – sparking Tory fears they may try to wreck the Prime Minister’s wafer thin majority.

The Sun can also reveal the Irish Republican party have refused to rule out taking their seats for the first time to vote through a Labour Queen’s Speech if Jeremy Corbyn offered them a referendum on unifying Ireland.

The party confirmed that its MPs will travel to Westminster for the House of Commons induction day for newcomers and will sign up for office space, register for staff allowances and expenses – despite their century-long policy of abstention in the UK Parliament.

Their presence at Westminster will spark fears in No10 that they are plotting to break their boycott to join other opposition parties in opposing Theresa May’s Queen’s Speech.

[source : SEVEN DEADLY SINNS, The Sun, https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3786046/sinn-feins-mps-fly-to-london-to-take-up-their-westminster-offices-sparking-fears-they-will-wreck-plans-for-a-tory-dup-majority/, 13th June 2017]

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