Monday, February 19, 2018


The leftist/Clinton faction paid for dirt from a former(?) MI6 agent to go into a dossier which the leftist/Clinton faction then used to portray Trump as a blackmailed Russian agent and was also used at the FISA court to get spying warrants on members of Team Trump.

The rightist/Trump faction sat on loads of emails, then with just over a week before the election persuaded Comey to write a letter to Congress, which raised suspicion about Clinton because she was being investigated over improper email policies. That letter from Comey torpedoed Clinton in the polls, and she lost about 5% in the polls, so that when Comey wrote the day before the election that there was nothing suspicious in those emails she didn't have the time to recover, only recovering about 1% while the initial Comey letter caused her to lose about 5%.

This is good, clean politics in the good ol' USA, the home of democracy and all that.

And regular Infowars creep Roger Stone should know...because he delivered a $125k bung from deep, dark CIA agent Roy Cohn to swing the 1980 election to Ronald Reagan. Reagan then unleashed his death squads onto Latin America, and Alex Jones' uncle Biff helped to run/supply them.

Is that correct, Alex?

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