Saturday, February 03, 2018


Basically, the NY FBI was pro-Trump and very anti-Clinton. They had Weiner's laptop for months but sat on it until just before the election, and then pressured Comey into writing that letter to Congress about thousands of newly found emails just days before the election. It was that letter which torpedoed Clinton's campaign. And it turns out there was nothing in those emails. But it was too late. Clinton lost 4% to 5% in the polls and was never able to fully recover in time.

Watch the first 15 minutes of this for further details:

So this Nunes memo released yesterday is a stitch-up of some kind to portray a pro-Trump deep state in the FBI as a pro-Clinton anti-Trump deep state, with the intention of destroying the Mueller investigation.

We're talking about the not-so-secret police of the United States of America here. Just think of all those terror plots they ran (which Infowars made a fortune from but no longer refer to). Just think of all the cover ups of racially-based murders of civil rights campaigners. And on and on and on.

Not that I'm pro-Clinton. I think it should have been Bernie, but the one true deep state saw it as the anyone-but-Bernie election.

But then again, you can't argue with Bill Clinton's numbers on the economy: best growth in jobs; best growth in GDP; and a surplus in the trillions to pay off some of the national debt.

And here's where you should be very suspicious of Infowars. They adore Andrew Jackson. Why? I have no idea. He was a buffoon, loved slavery and was on the edge of treason for most of his life. Anyway, the likes of Infowars claim that Jackson should be worshipped because he paid off the debt. Yes, that is true. But Jackson only paid off the very last little bit of the debt. All the hard work had been done by Nicholas Biddle. The amount that Jackson paid off was insignificant to the amount that Bill Clinton paid off. So why do Infowars worship a slavery-loving traitor for paying off a tiny portion of the debt and not Bill Clinton who paid off trillions? Dodgy Roger Stone will claim that Clinton is a serial rapist. But it was Stone who enabled the PNAC wars and the financial crisis of 2007/8. Roger Stone is the rightist globalists' fixer.

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