Thursday, February 22, 2018


The title is a quote from the film Withnail & I.

And I use this quote to show just how low Infowars have gone.

One of the videos from the link in this tweet suggests that David Hogg interviewed a fellow student four hours BEFORE Cruz began shooting and the interview refers to the shooting in the past, suggesting that Hogg and the other student were aware that a shooting was about to occur.
“This is Alex View, this recording is taken at 9:32 on February 14th 2018,” Hogg says. “Alex, are you ok with me recording this?”

“Yes, I am ok with you recording this,” Alex responds.

But the time is 9:32 twice a day.

So it is possible that the 9:32 is 9:32pm, and not 9:32 am as Infowars have assumed, which would explain why the interview refers to the shooting in the past tense. Either that or Alex View was also in on the plot.

And sadly, Infowars are now beating the drums of war on Iran.

That money was their own money. in the late 1970s Iran, then still ruled brutally by the Shah, paid the USA up front for some aircraft. But before the aircraft could be delivered the Iranian Revolution occured, so the USA didn't deliver the aircraft to Iran but neither did they refund Iran...until Obama gave Iran some, repeat some, of it back.

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