Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Bomber Trump campaigned on several issues that led to creating 'the base'. His apparent policies included pulling out of wars, quickly implementing Glass-Steagall and exposing the Saudi role in 9/11.

Turns out he's not doing any of the above.

Another of his policies was an investigation into vaccines to be run by the son of Bobby Kennedy, Robert Kennedy Jr. Turns out Bomber Trump has abandoned that too.

...Then, a year ago this week, Kennedy told reporters he had met “many times” with members of Trump’s transition team, “trading documents about what the commission would look like”. But little has been heard of the plan since then.

“I would say there’s zero progress,” Kennedy told the Guardian last week. “We were told President Trump wanted to meet directly with us. Not only did nothing happen, they’ve cut off all communication with people who care about this issue. The administration has decided to go in another direction.”

Kennedy, 64, has had no contact with the White House for at least six months and made no secret of his dismay. “I’ve seen a tremendous deflation among a community of parents and children’s health advocates across the country who believed the promises that President Trump made to the campaign, who put tremendous faith in him and now are feeling enormous betrayal and disappointment.”

[source : Trump appears to abandon vaccine sceptic group denounced by scientists, The Guardian,, 21st February 2018]

As far as I can see, Bomber Trump is not reneging on the wall and tax cuts. He's failed on healthcare. But he has decided to:
1. stay in Syria;
2. go back into Afghanistan;
3. continue the pivot to Asia;
4. get the Pentagon over $700 billion;
5. begin to withdraw from the Iran deal;
6. sell out to the Saudis;
7. seek advice from Kissinger;
8. back Ukraine and enrich NATO;
9. pick many members of Bilderberg, CFR, Skull & Bones, etc;
10 not seek Glass-Steagall but will unleash the banks;
11. starve Gaza while giving Jerusalem to Israel.

It's all so depressingly familiar.

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