Saturday, February 10, 2018


Is Brexit worth it if the Tories will use the opportunity to rewrite thousands of pieces of legislation in their favour...without any debate whatsoever...even though Brexit was sold to us as bringing back democracy to Parliament?

And if the Tories also destroy hard-won protections for employees, resulting in a massive increase in zero-hours contracts, employment and thus financial instability, homelessness, etc?
Government officials have raised the prospect that hard-won workers’ rights could be reviewed by the Government after Brexit to boost Britain’s economy.

A Whitehall impact assessment singles out workers’ protections – such as preventing people from being forced to work too many hours – as an area that might be used for “maximising regulatory opportunities” after withdrawal.

MPs who have seen the document claimed it shows ministers are considering weakening employment rights post-Brexit – with one branding the paper an “absolute disgrace”.

...MPs told The Independent the document refers to a review of the potential impact of amending or removing existing employment regulations.

[source : Brexit: Official document raises prospect of tampering with workers' rights to boost economy, The Independent,, 9th February 2018]

Yes, I want us out of Europe to bring democracy back to Britain, as Brexit was sold to us, to make democracy more local and controllable

But not so that the British Tory kleptocracy have the British working class by the you-know-whats. We'll be going back to the early 20th century and Robert Tressell's world of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.

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