Saturday, February 17, 2018


It looks like Putin may well have lied to Trump about Russian meddling, unless Trump didn't ask Putin about Russian meddling fearing the answer.

Make no mistake, Russia attacked America in 2016 and continues the attack in 2018. Make no mistake, one of the main Russian goals in its 2016 attack against our elections was to elect Donald Trump and disparage Hillary Clinton. Make no mistake, Mueller and the FBI are on the case, focused on the law and facts, producing indictments and plea bargains.

Congress should pass a law now to protect Mueller and his investigation from potential obstructions of justice and another "Saturday Night Massacre."

Above all, as I proposed in my latest column, Americans should demand that the full force of American democracy be deployed immediately to expose and defeat the Russian attack against our midterm elections in 2018.

[source : Explosive new Mueller Russia indictments are a game-changer, The Hill,, 16th February 2018]

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