Sunday, February 04, 2018


Primary School - top of the year (without trying);

Junior School - top of the year (without trying), drew a large detailed Lowry-esque picture of a modern town which was hung in the school entrance;

Secondary School (1st year) - there were three feeder schools, came a very close second in the year (without trying and 99% in maths) to a very intelligent girl (who did try);

Secondary School (2nd and 3rd years) - the double whammy of puberty and the jabs led to interest in music/girls/clubs, and mid-table obscurity in exams.

Tried at A Level Maths and 100% positive I got 100%.

End up being zapped from summer 1998 to spring 2005, when I was what some would say 'waking up'.

I've sort of recovered from that zapping, and now hold one PhD in Applied Maths and in the final year of a 2nd PhD in a more advanced field of Applied Maths.

Looking back it feels like the combination of puberty and the jabs sucked me down from whatever plane I was on and locked me into this earthly plane where physical experiences take over and dominate. This has only recently begun to recede.

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