Saturday, December 10, 2011


Rule Britannia.
Britannia rules the waves.
Britons never never never shall be slaves.

So goes the big, big pile of stinking bullshit song.

It was not true then. It is not true now.

Britons are slaves and they will never, never, never be free while The City of London runs their government.

A brief history of The City of London. Once upon a time Venice ruled the waves and Europe through finance and banking. But then the League of Cambrai attacked Venice in an attempt to destroy their evil. Venice bribed the Pope and survived. Venice then started to look around for another place to rule from. One of the very few allies of Venice was England. Venetian agents helped Henry VIII split from Rome. Venetians then began to arrive in London. Once firmly settled in London they engineered the English Civil War to bring the English Monarchy under control. Once under control the English Monarchy allied with the Venetians and created the Bank of England. Despite its name The Bank of England was privately owned, with the Monarchy owning a lot of stock in it. The bank was very profitable because it created money out of nothing. Through this power the British Empire was financed. They sent agents to the USA and eventually got the Federal Reserve created to control not only the USA but the world.

This practice of creating money out of nothing continues today, but on a much bigger scale, in trillions not millions as then.

With so much power to create so much money out of nothing, while you and I work our arses off just to put stale bread on the table, they can finance all sorts of political organisations; communism, nazism, environmentalism etc. What do these movements have in common? Mass genocide.

With this cabal in control Britons never never never shall be free.

The City of London must be exposed for what it is; warmongering, genocidal and not British.

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