Thursday, December 15, 2011


Putin is holding a televised press conference in Russia today in which he answers questions from the public. Sky News is covering this from an office in Russia, with three anti-Putin acitivists and one pro-Putin commentator. The pro-Putin commentator correctly identified outside influences in Russia wanting Putin out. The three anti-Putin activists slagged Putin off relentlessly.


Casey Dunivan said...

Is there any evidence to support Putin's claim that the State department is responsible for interfering with Russian politics?

TheTruthMan said...

The two prime organisers Vladimir Ryzhkov and Boris Nemtsov are funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, which indirectly receives its money from the State Department. They called for slitting throats! There is also email evidence of discussions between the State Department and Golos, who 'monitored' the elections, in which it is implied that the more doubt Golos can cast on the credibility of the elections the more money Golos will receive.

Plus it fits the pattern of the Arab Spring, which is fake and part of a Greater Middle East Project to fulfill the PNAC Rebuilding Americas Defenses agenda for war on Iran.