Tuesday, December 06, 2011


New World Order Productions proudly presents...

Twas the Night Before World War 3

Twas the night before World War 3. The fresh crisp snow lay virgin on the ground, untouched, except for the footprints of a fox scurrying from wheelie bin to wheelie bin scavenging for scraps of leftovers. The multicoloured decorative lights from the houses danced merrily at the advent of world war, creating a silent circus of festive light celebrating death. The unsuspecting good citizens sleeping in their warm beds were unaware of the manipulation that had brought them to this eventful time. They worked. They paid their taxes. They raised a glass and toasted the good times on the necessary occasions. They trusted their government, heart and soul, even after being robbed blind by the MF Nazi bankers. They never believed, not for one millisecond, that elements within their own government would engineer a world war, another and final world war, to implement a tyrannical world government.

That night, as the hours crept coldly by, events in the Middle East and Caspian region reached a flashpoint.

(To be continued)

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