Saturday, December 31, 2011


Whilst approaching death this summer in hospital I was introduced to the Harry Potter series of films by my nephew. I was intrigued by the phenomenon. My friend loved it, so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, particularly as the film series has no doubt influenced a generation.

So what is it all about? All the wand-pointing, and the goblins, and the creating stuff out of thin air whenever you need it?

It is basically a tale of good versus evil, right? Harry Potter, after first sacrificing and then resurrecting himself (sound familiar?), and his young friends eventually defeat the bad guy and save the world. A ha, you think. That's it. To save the world from evil you may have to sacrifice yourself.

But I noticed a twist.

Harry Potter ends up with this special knobbly wand, which essentially makes him invincible. So why does he snap it into two pieces, thus destroying its power, and throw it away? If he kept it and used it for good then he and his wand-waving friends could banish evil forever. Instead, Harry Potter breaks it and throws it away.


This one curious act implies to me that power, in the hands of either good or evil, is bad so should be given away.

But given away to whom?

Fully aware that there is a plan to implement or impose a tryannical world government the Harry Potter film series (I have not read the books) could well disarm a generation into thinking that they should not have power.

I hope this is not the case, and that sacrifice-yourself-to-defeat-evil is the whole point of it all.

Harry Potter? You can keep him.

Give me Antony C Sutton and his non-fiction anyday.

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