Sunday, June 26, 2016


After having built up UKIP enough through his media empire to force the Brexit (which is what the Queen wanted), Rupert Murdoch has now decided to back Donald Trump.


I know!

'Anti-establishment' Trump, who loves Israel, supports Israel grabbing the West Bank, and wants to beef up the US military further and use it to rip up the P5+1 deal and threaten Iran, is now being backed by ancient Bilderberger Rupert Murdoch!

C'est cray-zee!
Donald Trump welcomed Rupert Murdoch and his wife Jerry Hall for dinner at his luxurious golf course in northeast Scotland on Saturday, the final event of a two-day tour of his properties there.

...He [Murdoch] was initially cool to Trump's candidacy during the Republican primary, but began singing his praises in March.

'If he becomes inevitable' as the nominee, Murdoch tweeted on March 2, the GOP 'would be mad not to unify' behind him.

[source : Look who's coming to dinner: Trump dines with Rupert Murdoch and wife Jerry Hall at posh Scottish golf course – but the meal's on the house because The Donald owns the place!, Daily Mail,, 25th June 2016]

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