Thursday, June 30, 2016


Two days ago Rupert Murdoch expressed his happiness with Brexit, having hlped to promote UKIP in order to force Cameron into the EU referendum.

Murdoch also expressed his support for Gove, which I also reported on Tuesday in BREXIT BOLLOCKS : RUPERT MURDOCH PRAISES BREXIT AND TRUMP.

Gove is also very close to the Daily Mail apparatus.

On Tuesday, Rupert Murdoch at The Times CEO summit said that Michael Gove should be the UK’s next Prime Minister. The Daily Mail editor in chief Paul Dacre has long wanted it. The Goves are very close to the Mail proprietor and his wife, the Rothermeres.

[source : Michael Gove has done a double Brutus, Gary Gibbon, Channel 4 News,, 30th June 2016]

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