Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I just realised that two years ago yesterday, 28th June 2014, was the day I realised I was on my own.

I stood outside Freemasons Hall in Great Queen Street to protest the British Empah and their tool Freemasonry (or is it t'other way round?) engineering WW1. 28th June 2014 was the centennial of the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand that kicked off the war.

I fully expected Icke to turn up, because a few weeks earlier he had written on his website that he was being harrassed and threatened by Freemasonry. icke has made a living out of blaming Freemasonry for every bad thing that has happened, is happening and is planned to happen. Plus I had donated a lot of money to his legal funds.

But on the day, it was just me who turned up.

I had been zapped each of the three nights previous so was very, very lethargic, and not really up to protesting on my own.

So having hung around for hours, with nobody turning up, I said to myself, "Fuck 'em", and went for a walk down the Embankment (when I was followed by a police boat on the river), then down Birdcage Walk to Buckingham Palace (where a high ranking police officer drove passed smiling at me), and then back to the Hall, and then to the underground to go home.

I have since asked Icke for my money back, but guess what?

Not a single penny.


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