Saturday, June 25, 2016


Last year the pollsters were saying there was going to be a hung parliament. In the end the Tories got a majority, albeit small.

And on Thursday the pollsters said that the remainers were easily winning. In the end Brexit won significantly.

How could the pollsters get it so wrong?

Taking Thursday's Brexit first. If a Brexit was desirable then saying that remaining was winning would have two effects:
1. those thinking of voting remaining but were either unsure or scared would stay at home and not vote;
2. brexiteers would be more motivated and encouraged to get out and vote.

So if they wanted a Brexit, and by they I mean a far right faction in Bilderberg, such a statement during the day that remain was winning could explain how the pollsters got it so wrong: they were lying.

We know how these polls are used to influence public opinion.

Remember what the UK media reported on Wednesday and Thursday? The Queen was reported to have asked for three good reasons as to why the UK should stay in the EU, thus implying that she wanted out.

And remember that earlier row involving Gove that was reported in The Sun in which the Queen was reported to have wanted a Brexit?

Leaving the EU gives The City of London much more freedom. And BoJo loves the City of London!

In both cases, the pollsters got it wrong and the result has been a significant swing to the right.

Perhaps Tarpley is right. Perhaps there is a faction within Bilderberg who thought that Bilderberg was taking Europe in the wrong direction by taking control of The City of London, so as in WW1, they've kicked over the chessboard and caused chaos.

But what we will probably see is a transfer of power from one member of Bullingdon to another.

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